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Marginal Column

History of Packaging Technology worldwide

When was each location established? When did we acquire which company? And many more milestones?

Bosch corporate history

Find out more about the history of Bosch worldwide



Inauguration of the new assembly hall in Musashi/Japan and the Center of Competence (CoC) for Vision Technology (from former location Honjo).

New Center of Competence for Leak Detection in Crailsheim, Germany.


Merger of Eisai Machinery Co.Ltd and Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. in Japan;

Headquarters in Shibuya & Myogadani Sales Office (Inspection Technology Pharma Business Division) have been moved together into a new office.

Kansai Sales Office (Pharma & Food Business Division) & Osaka Sales Office (Inspection Technology Pharma) have been moved together into a new office.



Completed takeover of Eisai Machinery Co. Ltd, the inspection technology companies of Eisai Co., Ltd., head office based in Tokyo, Japan.

Additional inspection technology sites are in Germany, USA and China.

30 years anniversary of Bosch Packaging Technology in Japan


Acquisition of Parallel Robot Division from MTEC Co., Ltd.



Establishment of Headquarters in Shibuya,Tokyo


100% Bosch owned



Establishment of Bosch Packaging Technology K.K., Tokyo, Japan, strengthening activities in Japan with a wholly owned manufacturing plant in Funabashi.