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Maintenance with foresight

To improve the effectiveness of their production processes, Chemolux has introduced a preventive maintenance strategy developed in partnership with Bosch Packaging Services.

  • Overview

    Prevention is better than cure

    With its modular approach, our Preventive Maintenance Agreement ensures that required maintenance activities are conducted at scheduled intervals according to your individual requirements. Carried out by one of our professional, this service helps you to improve the performance of your packaging lines and machines.

    Upon request we can offer you in addition an embedded Engineer program, a dedicated support and expert advice. You benefit from a highly qualified Bosch service engineer based directly at your site and can entirely shape this service to suit your individual requirements.

    Improving your overall spare parts management requires detailed knowledge of your spare parts consumption and delivery times. Based on detailed analysis and your individual spare parts profile, our Stock Optimization service helps you to achieve higher availability with minimal stock.

    For more information, please contact us directly.