Customized Pharma Solutions

Custom Solutions - Modules flexibly combined

Modules flexibly combined – High-throughput technology and laboratory automation to develop new materials and formulations

Bosch’s portfolio includes larger machines, which make handling a lot easier. By moving along the linear axis, handling robots carry out highly complex actions. The robots are adapted to customers’ needs with a combination of standardized and flexible modules. The technological foundation of these modular combinations is key for their flexibility: based on a modular construction system, the required components are connected with each other to form customized solutions. This modular concept enables Bosch to offer complex special constructions, combining different assembly groups along the value chain. They range from fundamental research to quality control, and include the integration of external customer-owned processes.

To coordinate all processes smoothly Bosch sets on its own laboratory and system control software – the workflow manager. Each machine element is operated via a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) module. The flexible software can control machines, lab and measuring equipment, as well as individual work places. Apart from developing the technology, Bosch also tests various applications for customers. Feasibility studies answer the following questions: How do production processes match? How can specific manual processes be automated in the lab? How can industrial processes be transferred to laboratory scale?